Featuring some of the best tattoo artists in Perth, Primitive Tattoo Shop was established in 1997 and has a reputation Western Australia’s premier tattoo studio. Here you will be able to select from some of the finest tattoo artist as well as guests artists that are proficient in different genres with a collective of more than 93 tattoo years of experience. Primitive also features basic to advance and genital piercings, hand poke tattoos, Tebori Japanese traditional tattoo and Body Branding. Making this studio one of the most unique studio for your tattoo and adornment needs in the southern hemisphere.

Primitive Tattoo Shop is renowned to be one of the most respected and artful custom design tattoo shop in Perth. Our tattoo artist in Perth specialise in different styles of tattooing. We do our best to make your tattoo and adornments a memorable lifetime experience. Majority of our clients would attest to the good experience received whilst getting tattoo work done at our tattoo parlour. Our feedback is proof of our long term commitment to making your important moments come true. We pride ourselves on service and ambience and we are sure that like most of our clients, that you will be back to enjoy our service again.

The Primitive tattoo shop team has some of the finest talents and passionate tattoo artists in Perth, all of which are dedicated to their craft and never compromise on quality. We maintain the high expected standards of hygiene at our studio and offer a comfortable surrounding with sterilised single use and hygienic implements and executed with advance techniques. Our team is led by one of the best reputed tattoo artists in Perth, Marc Pinto, who has over 23 collective years in traditional Japanese Tebori hand and machine tattooing, piercings and branding. Marc not only leads the team but has also shared his decades of experience with numerous of international artists that have made their own fame from the collective experience learnt whilst at Primitive Tattoo. Today, located at our latest studio at 146 Barrack St, Primitive Tattoo Studio has attained a reputation to be one of the best custom tattoo design shop in Perth with more than 2 decades of feedback and over 10,000 satisfied customers with experienced world-class tattoo artists as international team members. We look forward to creating your custom tattoo and making it special for you. At Primitive our goal is make your ideas a reality.

Tattoo Artist in Perth

Our team of best tattoo artists in Perth specialize in different tattoo genres which includes Black & Grey Tattoo, Mandala and Geometry tattoo, Japanese tattoo, Dragon tattoos, Koi Tattoos, Hand Poke tattoo, Realism tattoo, Realistic tattoo, Watercolour tattoo, Script tattoo and much more.

Primitive Tattoo, is a premier reputable shop that creates unique custom design tattoos in Perth. Whether it is a small tattoo, a full sleeve or full back designed tattoo, our skilled team of tattoo artists in Perth will create an artful design that will amaze you.

With over 93 years of combined tattoo and piercing experience, we have grown in popularity from the experiences of countless clients and from their word of mouth. Our talented artists that will create your custom design tattoos run the gamut from fine portraits to traditional ink tattoo art.

At Primitive Tattoo Shop we acknowledge that tattooing is a highly skilled art form and that our goal is to facilitate your vision and bring it to reality.

Our team of specialty tattoo artists in Perth will customising a tattoo from your ideas. At Primitive Tattoo, our mission is to make your experience a memorable one that will last a lifetime.

No matter the size of your tattoo, be it big or small, we are commitment to deliver what you envision to achieve. Our core values, passion and unparalleled dedication has shaped us to be the best tattoo shop in Perth. You can be assured that your in good hands.