Tebori Japanese Tattoos PERTH

The Tebori Japanese tattoos is an art of tattooing that dates back to ancient Japan. The tattoo artist would make the tattoo by hand, which, unlike in modern times with machines was a lot more time consuming and painful for the recipient. The tattoos would be designed using a metal or wooden rod, which would have many needles on the end of it. The method took time and effort, but it continues to be a method that is used to this very day. Many local Japanese people and foreigners alike prefer using this method to get a tattoo in Japan, though mastering this art of tattooing takes several years.

Tebori And Culture

When someone looks at Japanese culture from the outside, it appears to be a mix of contemporary perspectives like values and traditions. Japanese tattoos are a significant part of the culture, and that’s true for any other ancient culture.

The overall attitude towards tattoos is positive in the country while there was a short period where it was seen as not being good. Though style, iconography and symbols, were still used, and it is rooted in ancient Japanese religion, lore, and religion. That’s why the relation between Tebori and Japanese culture is almost indistinguishable.

Why Tebori is Still Done by Hand

While the vast majority of tattoo artists in Japan have since switched to electric tattoo machines, you will still be able to find ones that will do it by hand. Some even use a combo of modern machines and the ancient method.

Today experts like Marc Pinto and his tattoo shop are one of the few to offer the Tebori Japanese tattoo in Australia. Speaking of which if you are going to get a Tebori tattoo always make sure that it is done by a reputed tattoo shop and expert. Choosing an expert will ensure that the results will be as expected.