Watercolor Tattoo PERTH

Now, if there is one trend in the body modification industry that has taken off like wildfire in the past five years, we’d have to say it is watercolor tattoos. The style of tattooing is interestingly named after the mimicry of the famous freeform art as well as the diaphanous quality of the method. One of the reasons for their popularity is that watercolor tattoos tend to stand out from other regular ink tattoos with their darker lines.

As attractive as watercolor tattoos maybe, they have, over the years, received a fair share of criticism. Many have said that they are unable to hold up over time to the elements; others have said that this style is used by inexperienced tattoo artists. Whatever may be the case, watercolor tattoos are extremely beautiful, and if you decide to get one, you need to make sure to maintain them right.

Maintaining Watercolor Tattoo

Now, as mentioned earlier, maintaining a watercolor tattoo is mainly about keeping it safe from the elements like the sun. One way to do it is to cover it with your clothes, but you can also stay in the shade.

The nature of light means that it bounces, but if you are under an umbrella on the beach, your tattoo may still be exposed. Though the reach of the sun is comparatively less and so not as powerful, it is still exposed.

The best way to maintain your watercolor tattoos is to apply sunscreen. Place some of it on your tattoo as often as you are outside.

Get in Touch with an Experienced Watercolor Tattooist

The best way to ensure that your watercolor tattoo turns out precisely as you want is to contact a reputed tattoo shop. A reputable shop will be able to offer you many options and guarantee an excellent outcome.