Tribal Tattoo PERTH

Tribal tattoos are an ancient practice by native people used to identify members of their tribe and their status. However, their exotic designs have made them popular in the west. Today, tribal tattoos are amongst the most popular trends in the west. In a way, the traditional practice mainly amongst indigenous tribes have made it to the modern world, and with it comes their symbolism and history.

Western Tribal Tattoos

The Polynesian origin tribal tattoos tend to be the most popular in the western world. Tattoo styles from Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand, Maori, and Samoa are the most popular. However, the Maori tattoos are the most popular type of tribal designs and preferred by westerns who are in awe of their beauty and the fact that they can cover the entire sleeve. Polynesian style of tattoos is characterized by their black/grey combination along with geometric shapes with symbols and many of which have an interesting meaning.


The Maori Tattoos

Traditionally called ta moko, they are some of the most famous tattoos. Men and women tend to love these tattoos on various parts of their bodies. Practiced originally by tribes in New Zealand and Polynesia, the tattoos bring with them sacred ritualistic meaning. Many of the symbols used have a meaning associated with them, and others may have the tribe’s history and the status of that member embedded within them. As a westerner, it is hard to understand or decrypt the meaning, but these tattoos shouldn’t be outright copied.

Now because the symbolism embedded in these tribal tattoos is the personal business of the tribe, if you wish to get these tattoos, please don’t copy the design from someplace. Visit a reputed tattoo artist who specializes in tribal tattoos so that they can put a personal design together. It is also one of the reasons why you should only choose a reputed tattoo shop.