• by admin
  • August 31, 2020

Couples Tattoos

Now couple tattoos can be one of two things; they can either be cute (if done right) or a bit cringy. Most people think that couple tattoos are risky because if the relationship later goes south getting it removed can be expensive. However, there are ways to choose a couple tattoo that even if the relationship goes south will not require that you get laser removal. In fact, both people can keep and enjoy their tattoos for life. The goal is to get an aesthetically pleasing tattoo.

Start By Thinking Outside the Box

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is choosing popular couple tattoos on Pinterest or some other website. Most couple tattoos comprise of names, Roman numerals of anniversary dates etc. These types of tattoos are a great way to end up with a cliché that you might regret. Instead, what you will want to do is to base the idea of a tattoo off your mutual love for something. For instance, you might get a camping trip tattooed, or you might get a nature-themed tattoo.

Tattoos are a form of art, and so it is acceptable to get creative for a couple tattoo. Getting tiny lettering is selling yourself short.

You Don’t Necessarily Need Matching Couple Tattoos

While matching couple tattoos are fine, but what happens after a breakup? That’s why matching couple tattoos may not be the best idea. You can get something that’s customized to you like one person can get Beavis and the other Butt-Head tattooed.

One idea would be to get perhaps one side each of the Ying and Yang. The idea is to think out of the box and get something that looks great, and you won’t regret.

At the end of the day, you should always hire a trusted and reputed tattoo shop for your tattoos. Experience matters because a seasoned artist can also guide you to the right choice.