• by admin
  • September 9, 2020

Name Tattoos

A Name Tattoo as the term suggests is a tattoo that has a name in it. It can be the name of a person who is getting the tattoo or the name of someone they love like their kids, partner, mother, father etc. It is often a way to pay tribute to someone who continues to mean a lot to them.

Now for the people who are getting name tattoos, it holds a great deal of meaning. The meaning may differ from one person to the next, but it is something that’s attached to our souls. At times people just do it because they enjoy having their name tattooed on their skin in a fancy script design. Not to mention that there is a sort of trend of name tattooing especially in the west.

Name Tattoos Can Also Be an Alphabet

Now contrary to popular belief, a name tattoo does not only have to be a name. It can also be an alphabet too. Furthermore, other decorations can be added to the name. A symbol that represents you can also be tattooed, or the tattoo artist can create a custom symbol that’s made up of your initials. When it comes to getting a name tattoo creatively, there are unlimited options. Perhaps the only limitation is the artist’s creativity.

Origin of the Name Tattoo

Name tattoos have existed across multiple cultures for a very long time. Women who were recently married would get a name tattoo mainly of their husband. But not limited to women, men would get their wife’s name tattooed on their arm or chest. If anything, it represented being together since it isn’t easy to remove a tattoo.

If you are considering a name tattoo, make sure that you get it by a reputed tattoo shop. A tattoo shop with creative tattoo artists should be able to offer you multiple options for a name tattoo.